"I came to this firm with a long standing complex international real estate case and in a very short time they were knowledgeable and creative and finished my case in a very short time compared to one and a half years of lawyers and IRS frustrations! I will and have gladly referred anyone I know to this firm with confidence!"

Donald Baker

"Anytime I need anything someone always provides what I need. Very up to date with all the tax laws and what works best for our company and personal taxes. Mr. Nick is very positive, friendly and professional."

Bruce Beckman

"Consistent quality service thru the years"


"Paul Nick has a great deal of accounting knowledge, is always current on the changing tax laws and is always seeking the best interest of my family members and our family trust."

Kevin Tobin

4227 Enterprises Avenue, Ltd. (M Tobin)

"Excellent work."

Juan Carlos Castilla

"The truth as I see it"

Stephen Scrivani

"Tax return specialist are timely and efficient in their responses"

Daniel Dye

"Been using the firm for years"

Betsy Oakleaf

Elizabeth L. Oakleaf Trust F/ B/ O Christopher

"Over 20 years in our relationship."

Larry Maybin

"Rimma Tinel's work and customer service were outstanding. She was always prompt, professional and her attention to detail was great. I have great confidence in her ability to get the work done right. Also, I have known Paul Nick for many years and I have great confidence in his firm overall."


"Friendly and attentive staff"


"Very professional, confidential and highly skilled"

Susan Sheldon

"Direct interaction"


"Appreciate the work done"

Howard Rutizer

"Very happy with the services."


"I am a Canadian. D and N have been recommended to us by a friend in church. For 8 years so far, we were satisfied."

Daniel Weinreb

"Truly professional."

Alvin Bennett

"I am a satisfied customer and had some complicated stuff going in the last year!"


"Excellent service and materials that make it easy to understand and work with. Peter Wegner has always given us great advice and direction that we count on."

Robert Treganowen

"I have always received the attention needed for my account. My account is not a large or complicated one but I have felt secure as I think you address it with the needed time and talent".


"Always have had great service and prompt responses to my questions"

William Heim

"Many years of dealing with Paul Nick; he knows our history and always provides answers to our changing situation(s)."


"We have always been happy with the service"


"Several years working with my investment advisor and Davidson and Nick. They coordinate with each other and me at tax time."

David Colway

"I'm extremely satisfied."

Robert Reinfried

Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers

"Everyone I deal with at the firm is professional and an expert at providing me with relevant and helpful information in a timely manner. I believe they have my best interest at heart and assist me in my decision making."


"Pleasant dealings with the firm and timely response to our needs and filings."

Richard Maier

"We are a long-time client and have always had quick responses to our questions. They take the time to review with us the current tax law changes, how they affect our company and put together a great plan."

Clay Cox

"We have had a long-term relationship and are very satisfied with the services that Jim, Paul and their staff provide."


"Since I've retired my taxes are usually much simpler than when I was working, and it would probably be easy to find somebody to do my taxes now, especially since I've moved out of state. But I stay with Jim because he's taken care of me for many years, and I know that I can always count on him whenever the need arises. He has taken care of me for a long time, so now I'll stay with him, he's earned my loyalty."

Daniel Baker

"Very professional and willing to research opinions"

Stephen Foss

Nonwoven Network, LLC

"Very pleased with thoroughness, professionalism and pleasantness of Rimma Tinel"


"Long business relationship with the firm with very complicated books - easy to understand requests always willing to assist"

Elaine Garner

"Fast, accurate results"


"My personal experience with this firm has been stellar to say the least. It is convenient and I know I am in trustworthy hands. Hassle free, stress free and always very satisfied with services! The office staff are also very friendly and helpful!"

Corynne Gambaccini

"Consistent service"

John Higgins

"Consistent outstanding service"

Mike Locke

"Have been a client for many years, always consistent with customer service."

Jeffery Buchholz

"Very good service at a reasonable price"

Ira Schwartz

"Extremely satisfied with Jim and his assistants"

Mary Maciejewski

"I've been a happy client for many years! Davidson and Nick have taken care of three generations of my family, including two estates with trusts, and some difficult returns that spanned multiple business entities in more than one state."


"I have had a long-time relationship with Jim Davidson. He has always been incredibly attentive and has helped me with Tax issues a number of times. I would highly recommend Jim and his firm."

Linda McNabb

"I have used Davidson and Nick for many years now and they make the tax preparation easy and they always respond to any questions or concerns."