Non-profit Accounting Services

Non Profit Accounting

Davidson & Nick CPAs fully understands the financial challenges that today's non-profit organizations encounter. Our experience in non-profit accounting services for charities, churches, and schools allows us to relate to your needs and find practical solutions. We know that funding is critical for any non-profit, and providing financial transparency for grantors and lenders is key to obtaining donations. With our support, your members and donors will feel confident that your financial system is reliable and your data is irreproachable.

When you work with Davidson & Nick CPAs, we'll make sure you're always informed about where you stand financially. We've developed customized reporting methods that provide a clear picture of your assets and expenses. These reports are designed to let you track where your money is going so you can carefully monitor expenses and keep costs down. We'll also help you find efficient ways to exercise internal controls that will prevent fraud.

Best of all, with our assistance you can stop worrying about confusing tax compliance requirements. When the IRS hands down changes to tax laws that could affect non-profits, we're on top of it. We'll offer sound advice on how to avoid unwanted scrutiny from the IRS and how to steer clear of any income-generating activities that could incur tax liability. We'll also prepare your Form 990 tax return at year-end and file it electronically.

Our core non-profit industry services include:

Our specialty services for non-profit businesses:

  • Revenue enhancement and cost controls
  • Preparation of Federal Form 990, 990T, and Form 5500
  • Benchmarking – key ratios and other operating analyses
  • Review of internal controls
  • Planned giving
  • Analysis of capital structure and assistance with debt refinancing
  • Establishment of overhead rates
  • Contract evaluation
  • Assistance with obtaining and maintaining tax-exempt status
  • Operational consulting
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Executive compensation
  • Board and committee training
  • Employee benefit

We work with many different companies through the non-profit sector:

  • Social service organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Public and private charities
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Membership organizations
  • Associations
  • Museums
  • Foundations

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